Photographing Nature and the Intersections with Man

Capturing the little details of the world around US

I want you to love your own photos!

I am a nature photographer who loves outdoor photography and capturing the details of the world around us. I also enjoy helping others getting the most out of their own photography!

 I have several resources available to share.  The first is a set of tips on iPhone photography.  Click the button below to receive my free short email course to help you improve your own iPhone  photography.


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About Bob Fairbairn

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Photography has been a large part of my life for many years. With my borrowed motto: “never leave home without it”, my cameras and I have been able to capture details of the world around me that I would otherwise have missed.

The small details of our world stand out to me; the mushrooms on the side of the path; the red dragon fly in the green grass; the sun barely making it through the fog. Documenting events, celebrating others, creating a record! These are the things I seek.

Much of my personal photography is done in DuPage County, Illinois which has wonderful natural spaces including Cantigny Park, the Morton Arboretum and thousands of acres of DuPage County Forest Preserves. In addition I am very fortunate to have had the opportunity to record images from around the USA and other parts of the world. Fleeting memories of distant and not so distant places, people and events.

I am a bit of a gear-o-holic which has given me the opportunity to use a broad variety of equipment and to experience. I share my expereince locally presenting at various venues. I present this insight and information on my blogs and at short seminars to help others to enjoy photography and make better images!


how to better capture your own story: frame by frame.

I want you to love your own photos!

Many of us now use a smartphone as our only camera.  Click the button below to receive my free short email course  to help you improve your own iPhone photography.